The Next Ten Months

The Next Ten Months

·Aug 16, 2021·

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Sometimes inspiration strikes when you’re outside. Sometimes it appears when you’re browsing Instagram. Sometimes it hits when your peers are out-lapping you on “life’s biggest milestones.”

In my case, it struck at 2 am while watching My Hero Academia.

That’s right. My Hero Academia, a Japanese anime, has inspired me to keep myself accountable on the next journey in my life from Web2 to Web3.

For those unfamiliar with the series, a boy named Izuku wants to be a hero but was born without the genetic ability to become one. Avoiding major spoilers, Izuku becomes a hero on some condition and must go through ten months of disciplined training to catch up to speed with his peers. The rest of the series follows Izuku’s day-to-day life, the challenges he faces, and his inner monologue and reflections.

Like Izuku, I want to spend ten months focused on Web3 and master this technology that is about to take the world by storm. In the process, I will break down concepts for others who also want to learn Web3, especially those coming from Web2.

I can’t afford to fall behind. I will be going for it with everything I have. -Izuku Midoriya, 'My Hero Academia'.

There are a few action items I have planned for the upcoming future.

I am officially beginning my journey with #100DaysOfWeb3 where I will tweet every day for 100 days something new I learned or what I completed. I encourage you to join me on this challenge if you are also considering a career in Web3 or want to learn more about it!

I am completing the Fast Floward Bootcamp and writing summaries and solutions to help other developers attending future sessions.

I am creating a resources page that will list out all the sources I used to learn. You can catch the latest version of this page on my blog:

Most importantly, I am joining the team at Decentology as a Developer Advocate. Decentology is a Silicon Valley based startup focused on onboarding the next 10 million Web2 developers into Web3. At Decentology, I will be following the steps of Izuku: documenting my journey, the challenges I face, and my reflections.

You can follow snippets journey on the following platforms:


Instagram(Study Inspiration)

Blog(Web3 concepts, study tips, etc)

Resource Page(List of resources)

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