I don't know how to code. How do I start learning Web3 development?

I don't know how to code. How do I start learning Web3 development?

·Dec 6, 2021·

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If you do not know how to code or you are very early in your coding career, you can still become a Web3 developer.

To start your coding career and be able to pivot into Web3, start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML & CSS are both powerful and provide a basis for the frontend of any website.

JavaScript is versatile and advantageous in many different applications. In Web3, JavaScript can be used for the frontend to add dynamic functionality. It is used in many Web3 development libraries (i.e. web3.js, ether.js) and also used to write functionality for transactions, and great for testing applications.

Knowing JavaScript provides a strong basis for when you are starting out in Web3. If you want to become a decentralized application developer, try adding on React after HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to dive into smart contract development, add a blockchain language like Solidity, Rust, Reach, or Cadence to your stack.

Some of my favorite free resources for HTML, CSS, and JS:

Some of my favorite paid resources for HTML, CSS, and JS:

If this is your first time programming, you will have to spend some time learning the fundamentals through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This may take some time, so don't be discouraged. Once you practice it enough, everything else after will come easier.

"Now go and code some Python JavaScript" - Raza Zaidi

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