How Do You Decide What to Create Content On?

How Do You Decide What to Create Content On?

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·Jul 23, 2022·

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When I want to create content- whether in a written, video, or other format (tweet, infographic, etc.)- I usually follow a three-step framework:

1. Is it decided for me?

The content's scope is declared when I create content for my job as a developer advocate or as a paid gig from another company. These are the pieces of content I prioritize above all else because they are the pieces that pay my bills. It's also easier because I can focus on delivering the content instead of worrying about where it lives, SEO optimization, etc. I usually focus on the actual piece itself and allow my team to help with editing and other contributions.

2. What are people asking about or learning?

When I don't have something assigned to me, I start looking for things to write. I spend a couple minutes a day browsing Reddit to see what people are creating threads about or asking in programming or web3 communities. When I can't find something interesting on Reddit (very rare), I post on Twitter, "Hey, what are your burning web3 questions?" This research helps me curate better content because it means there isn't a good resource that covers the question, so it is my opportunity to be the go-to resource. Additionally, the resource may exist, but it's just not explained well, which is another opportunity to level up my skills.

3. What am I learning right now?

This method is the least prioritized but ultimately my favorite because I am writing for myself. Sometimes I will be learning a new concept or programming language and I feel the need to document my process. There may already be great resources when creating content for myself, but I still benefit greatly from writing it.

So, my advice here is not to overthink it. If you are not a paid content creator, start at step 2 and eventually you will also evaluate step 1. The only way to get there is to begin.

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