How do I keep up with everything in Web3?

How do I keep up with everything in Web3?

·Nov 29, 2021·

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The world of Web3 moves very fast, with new protocols, organizations, DAOs, startups, cryptocurrencies, and NFT collections popping up every day. It is nearly impossible to be on top of everything at all times... and quite frankly, that is okay.

You won't fall behind if you don't know everything about everything in this space. If you are a developer, it's best to focus your efforts on the protocols, projects, and tools that you are building on. If you are an NFT artist, you might keep up with other artists and NFT collections. It all depends on your goals in the space.

If you are more interested in general big news and articles, I'd suggest you check out:

  • CoinDesk - Focuses on bitcoin and digital currency news, features, prices, and analysis.

  • Cointelegraph - Focuses on bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency prices, and more.

My favorite way to keep up is through Twitter. I have created a few Twitter lists that I regularly update for myself and will share with you:

  • Web3 Organizations - This list is a collection of any Web3 protocols, companies, DAOs, projects, and tools that I am aware of.

  • Web3 Community - This list is a collection of founders, developers, NFT artists, writers, advisors, and any other people of interest in Web3.

  • Web3 Conferences - This list is a collection of Web3 Conferences.

  • Web3 Founders - This list is a collection of Web3 founders from different protocols, companies, and DAOs.

  • Web3 Developer Advocates - This list is a collection of Web3 Developer Advocates from various companies and protocols.

  • Web3 Tools - This list is a collection of tools to help you build and create in Web3.

  • NFT Collections - This list is a collection of NFT projects. Note: this is not an endorsement for any project. If you are investing in NFTs, please buy at your own risk and do your own research.

TLDR: Don't overwhelm yourself trying to keep up with every item in Web3. It is nearly impossible, and there is not a single person in Web3 who knows everything about everything.

If you have any recommendations for other resources, please let me know in the comments!

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