Do you have to be a developer to be involved in web3?

Do you have to be a developer to be involved in web3?

·Nov 22, 2021·

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TLDR: No, you do not need to be a developer to be involved in Web3.

Just like in Web2, where companies and products are composed of product managers, designers, marketers, business administrators, technical writers, etc., Web3 is the same. Each project and protocol will inevitably need engineers, but will also need a plethora of diverse talent from other areas.

You can't have a successful company in tech without all of these different areas combined. Web3 knows that and is starting to flourish with more and more non-technical roles every day.

Obtain your fundamental knowledge of Web3 by learning a bit about the ecosystem. Learn why people are into Web3 and what problems it solves, so you have a clear goal when you break into the space. Being knowledgeable about Web3 may also help you stand out in interviews.

In addition to that, do your research on organizations you are interested in. What are they working on? What interests you about them? This will also help you narrow down your goals and stand out in an interview.

Then take your existing talent as a designer, manager, etc., and just start applying to different roles. If you fall short, find where you need to improve. If you make it, congratulations!

I know I made it sound relatively simple, but my point is to not treat the job hunt in Web3 any different than Web2.

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