About Me

Samina is a Developer Advocate at Decentology, the company behind Hyperverse, the open, decentralized platform that makes it easy for web developers to build blockchain applications. In her role, she helps guide and educate web developers transitioning to web3 through a variety of channels including social media, workshops, conferences and blogs. A leader in the space, she is passionate about education, women’s empowerment and online community development. You can find her sharing tips and insights on Twitter as @saminacodes. Samina is also the creator of DarkModeComics, a developer-focused web comic, and runs a small developer community, Dark Mode Developers. She is currently a final year Business Administration and Computer Science student at the University of New Mexico.


Contact me via Twitter DMs (preferred), email contact[at]samina[dot]codes or set up a meeting via Calendly.


Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Discord, Twitch, CodePen, GitHub, Goodreads

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