100 Women In Tech to Follow On Twitter [Part 1]

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As a woman in the tech industry, I have often felt isolated and alone. Throughout my time at university, I was frequently one of the few women in my computer science classes. Since making my Twitter, I have found many other women in tech who inspire me and remind me that women do have a place in this industry.

The following women deserve your support and recognition:

  1. @code_quinn
  2. @maggiecodes_
  3. @b3ndt3
  4. @shookcodes
  5. @lauracharvey
  6. @rayray_codes
  7. @anniebombanie_
  8. @janine_vlvtn
  9. @rothecoder
  10. @cassidylearns
  11. @AnnaJMcDougall
  12. @CatMcGeeCode
  13. @JavaScriptCoff1
  14. @TiaEastwood
  15. @codeFreedomRitr
  16. @carriepresley15
  17. @code_rams
  18. @NanouuSymeon
  19. @mschanelt
  20. @RococoCode
  21. @detwiler_amy
  22. @madeline_pc
  23. @JennyMaMTL
  24. @nat_snacks
  25. @shrutibalasa
  26. @ChloeCondon
  27. @brandiCodes
  28. @KelsiDev
  29. @cassidoo
  30. @ania_kubow
  31. @thecodercoder
  32. @CarlaNotarobot
  33. @cmlohr
  34. @sarikaverma84
  35. @nazanin_ashrafi
  36. @layladanero
  37. @yllsson
  38. @ligfet
  39. @facetimeJS
  40. @RitikaAgrawal08
  41. @SwastikaYadav15
  42. @hibocodes
  43. @aicoding_
  44. @tiffanywhitedev
  45. @JavaScriptErika
  46. @Jennabot5000
  47. @sarah_bean
  48. @malwaaare
  49. @BatsouElef
  50. @discchick
  51. @lavie_encode
  52. @BlakieCodes
  53. @accordingtoher3
  54. @britnorcodes
  55. @LunaCodes7
  56. @codeanddream
  57. @Farah_Hawaa
  58. @engineering_bae
  59. @venikunche
  60. @MichellleBrenda
  61. @thisismanaswini
  62. @ping_Unnati
  63. @i_gaganpreet
  64. @namratapdr
  65. @error404_sp
  66. @kyliebytes
  67. @wongmjane
  68. @tasneemcodes
  69. @MariamV_96
  70. @b0rk
  71. @TaelurAlexis
  72. @lenoraporter_
  73. @NoufPy
  74. @yu_angela
  75. @SaraSoueidan
  76. @CodeLife
  77. @ASpittel
  78. @sarah_edo
  79. @EmmaBostian
  80. @LeaVerou
  81. @rachelandrew
  82. @DcoustaWilson
  83. @NovallSwift
  84. @laasrinadiaa
  85. @kaydacode
  86. @stephanielatte_
  87. @Teekachu1
  88. @imJenal
  89. @dbsmasher
  90. @trikucian
  91. @KassandraSanch
  92. @kay97061184
  93. @Lindsey_design
  94. @sudo_Jayasree
  95. @abbyfuller
  96. @suxin_jeong
  97. @yeahshewrites
  98. @prathiprapancha
  99. @brinascode
  100. @jensimmons

Is there someone I didn't mention that deserves support? Drop the username in the comments and I will add them to a part two!

If you would like to be removed from this list- please send me a DM on Twitter @saminacodes.

Maxi Contieri's photo

Great list ! Looking forward for part II

Can you summarize in one line why she deserves following? that would be your personal recognition!

Samina's photo

That's a great idea! I will consider that in the future. :D

Ubong Finkak's photo

I think you are omitting some great female minds in Nigeria like Didicodes, Kolokodess, Peace_Ojemeh and some in other parts of Africa.

Samina's photo

I will add them to part two. Thank you for recommending!

Manish⚡Nova's photo

Well knitted Samina, this list contains well known twitter personalities. Thanksgiving 😸

Samina's photo

Thank you Manish!

Annie 🦄⚡'s photo

Wow thank you very much for the mention, Samina 🙏 You definitely have a place in the industry and belong!

Samina's photo

Thank you Annie!

Francesco Ciulla's photo

Thanks for sharing this Samina! :)

Samina's photo

My pleasure!

Colleen Lohr's photo

Wow, thank you so much for the mention Samina! 😊

Samina's photo

Thank you for being inspiring! :D

Paolo Urciullo's photo

Great list that I hope will only get exponentially bigger!

Samina's photo

Thank you! I already have a part two and part three list compiled- just need to write the article. :D

Eleftheria Batsou's photo

These ladies are amazing although I have to admit I didn't know all of them (oops).

Thank you for including me. It's an honor.

Samina's photo

Of course! Thanks for being a great role model in the community. :D

Samuel Carvajal's photo

Thanks for sharing this list, I agree with what some people has mention it would be nice to have a small summary about the person beside the handle. something like "She is a self taught developer that creates amazing tutorials and videos about frontend"

Samina's photo

Thank you for the feedback Samuel! I will keep that in mind as I write the next version. :D

Andrew Baisden's photo

This is an amazing list now I can find more cool developers to follow.

Samina's photo

Thank you! :D